Punter of the Week: Dean Thwaites

Punter of the Week: Dean Thwaites

Punter of the Week is a weekly series here on UKPigskin all about you, the fans.

One of the greatest aspects of the sport that is American football is the excellent community that come with it and we are here to help celebrate that week in and week out.

Whether you’re a veteran supporter that knows the ins and outs or you’re only just finding your feet with the NFL, we want to hear from you!

In this latest edition, Dean Thwaites, a 50-year-old New Orleans Saints fan from London, tells us how he became a part of the “Who Dat” nation and how he even recalls listening to their match-ups on armed forces radio.

Why New Orleans Saints?

My team is the New Orleans Saints all thanks to my parents.

After a visit to the U.S.A many years ago, they brought back a Saints t-shirt and key-ring and that was that. The joy and pain started from then.

Who is your current favourite player in the NFL?

My favourite player can really only be Drew Brees.

What that man has done for the city and state is tremendous, not just on the field but off of it too.

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What are your first memories of the NFL?

My first memories would of course be getting the merchandise from my parents but also listening to some of the games on armed forces radio.

The reception was very in and out but it felt fascinating listening to this sport from all the way across the world.

Have you been able to form a relationship with other Saints’ fans or other NFL fans in general through social media?

I am on a few Saints Facebook groups although I don’t feel they satisfy myself with good debate. I have thought about starting my own group, maybe I will some time.

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Do you feel as though your fandom for the NFL is unique to other sports?

I certainly feel as though my fandom is unique to other sports and a lot of that, I guess, is down to finding out different things about the rules, cap space, formations and the like.

With UK sport, I don’t get the education so much because I know a lot of it in many ways.

What do you expect from your team this coming season?

Honestly? I expect the Saints to win it all.

This is the last ride for Drew and it’s time to stop having these brutal losses and have some luck on our side.

I think the record will be around 12-4 should there be a complete season.

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Finally… If you could add one NFL player past or present to your current team, who would it be and why?

The one player I would put in this current roster would be Pat Swilling.

Pat was one of the fearsome Dome Patrol and all time greats. He was an absolute monster, just check out the stats.

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Thank you once again to Dean for his contribution.

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