Ultimate Fantasy Team: NFC East

Ultimate Fantasy Team: NFC East

Ultimate Fantasy Team is a division by division guide where we at UKPigskin select the best possible fantasy line-ups from the four relevant franchises.

The end goal? To create the ultimate fantasy team.

Our last episode saw us dissect one of the strongest divisions in the whole of football, the AFC North, and so it only makes sense to delve into one of the weakest in football today – the NFC East.

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Okay, so maybe it isn’t the worst in the NFL, but it certainly isn’t the best.

Made up of Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants and Washington Redskins, it’s the turn of the NFC East to come under the not-so expert scrutiny of UKPigskin.

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QB – Dak Prescott

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That’s right, the NFC East has to be led by none other than the $50m man himself.

Dak Prescott may or may not be worth the big money he’s demanding but in terms of a solid fantasy quarterback, that he definitely is.

In 2019 he was only behind the MVP Lamar Jackson for overall points scored which is quite the accomplishment considering he was part of an all-round underachieving team.

If he remains a Cowboy going forward then that production could rise even further under new coaching staff and it’s certainly going to have to if he’s to back-up such a ludicrous contract.

It hurts to include someone whose Twitter handle is simply ‘Dak‘ but it’s head over heart guys.

RB1 – Saquon Barkley

Some say that he still gives players that drafted him first in 2019 nightmares but that’s all just part of the roller-coaster that is fantasy football.

Barkley was plagued with injuries over the course of last year but that cannot take away from the fact that he is still an inhuman running back.

The 23-year-old had a monster rookie campaign the season before last and in the games that he was fit, showed that that spark hadn’t gone anywhere.

Although many players’ first draft pick will be Christian McCaffrey in 2020, a healthy, 16 game Barkley may well come back to make you regret not choosing him.

RB2 – Ezekiel Elliott

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Ok, I almost regret saying that the NFC East was poor now because that is one bloody good running-back pairing.

Honestly, there’s really nothing between the one and two positions here – it all comes down to personal preference and the nose ring just doesn’t do anything for me. Sorry, Zeke.

All jokes aside, Elliott, like Barkley, is an absolute beast.

The Cowboys back scored a total of 14 touchdowns over the course of 2019 and produced over 1300 rushing yards for the third time out of his last four seasons.

It’s almost fair to say that he carried (pardon the pun) his team for the majority.

An undoubted first round pick in every fantasy league across the globe, big Zeke could be in for his best year yet in 2020.

WR1 – Amari Cooper

The above image. That’s the post.

Okay so aside from performing one of the best grabs of the season, Amari Cooper is also hands down the best receiver in the NFC East.

His first two years in Dallas following his move from the Oakland Raiders have been extremely productive and he marked 2019 with a career high eight touchdowns and 1,189 yards.

If you incorporate the recently drafted CeeDee Lamb into this Cowboys offence along with the ever improving Michael Gallup, this suddenly makes defenders far more wary and in turn leaves Cooper with more opportunities for some huge plays.

Seventh overall in the wide-receiver points table last year, a top five finish in 2020 is not out of the question.

WR2 – Terry McLaurin

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Make no bones about it, this man was good in 2019 and has the potential to be great going forward.

McLaurin’s rookie year saw him rack up 919 yards and seven touchdowns in arguably the worst franchise in the entirety of the NFL.

With an improved roster and a year of experience behind him, the 24-year-old could and should blow those numbers out of the water, provided he stays healthy.

Only Davante Adams ranked above the Redskins wideout for a grade on verticals (go, post, corner) which is simply jaw-dropping considering his surroundings.

McLaurin is certainly worth keeping your eye on as the season progresses and is very a worthy addition to our NFC East line-up.

TE – Zach Ertz

The tweet above does the talking. It couldn’t be anyone else.

There’s an argument for Evan Engram to be in the equation here but sadly for everyone concerned, the Giants’ tight end seems to be made of glass and is yet to complete a full season in the NFL following his initial 15-game rookie year.

Ertz, on the other hand, is made of steel and is coming off of the back of his third Pro Bowl year in a row.

Whilst every man and his dog on the Eagles’ roster was going down injured throughout 2019, Ertz stepped up and was key in them claiming the division title.

Like a fine wine, he has only bettered with age.

FLEX – Miles Sanders

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Miles Sanders had an excellent rookie year and handsomely repaid everyone that took a gamble on drafting him within their fantasy sides.

It looked as though the running-backs’ playing time would be severely limited prior to the season with the introduction of Jordan Howard onto the scene, but the second Howard went down with his never-ending “injury”, Sanders stepped up.

Not only did the 23-year-old prove he was a capable runner with over 800 rushing yards but he also showed his versatility in boasting 509 receiving yards and 314 returning yards over the full 16 games.

Due to Howard now on the move once more, the RB1 spot in Philadelphia is now firmly in the grasp of Sanders and he will make a solid early RB2 pick in most leagues.

D/ST – Philadelphia Eagles

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Now is where the real weakness of the NFC East arrives.

Instead of crowning the best defence and special team out of the four, we’ll settle at calling them the least bad.

It really isn’t the strongest of divisions when it comes to this side of the ball and not even the arrival of Chase Young in Washington is enough to even consider picking the Redskins up.

Statistically it was Philadelphia that led the NFC East in fantasy points in 2019. They scored a not-so whopping 109 points, ranking them 15th in the full NFL table.

Despite the improvement of every team this off-season, the Eagles are still the safest bet on the defensive side of the ball. Not that that’s saying much.

Kicker – Greg Zuerlein

*Cries in Ram*

It’s not often you consider a kicker as one of the best off-season moves but Zurlein’s move to the Cowboys could well be just that – for Dallas anyway, that is.

“Greg the Leg” as he’s better known and loved has been one of the better and most consistent kickers in the NFL since his arrival in 2012.

Breaking numerous Rams’ franchise records in his seven year stint, his move leaves a big hole in the Los Angeles kicking department but adds solidarity to the Dallas one.

Joining another explosive offence, arguably even more so than the Rams’, Zuerlein will be called upon numerous times over the course of 2020, making him a solid pick-up for anyone.