Ultimate Fantasy Team: NFC North

Ultimate Fantasy Team: NFC North

Fantasy football is one of the biggest pulls towards the NFL year in and year out and you’ll have a tough job on your hands finding a fan that isn’t taking part in a league of some sort.

Due to it being such a pull and a lot of the community gauging such an interest, UKPigskin are going to try and incorporate some more fantasy related topics to our articles because you know, it’s fun.

Well, that and our last fantasy related article pulled in some big #views.

Division by division, we are going to dissect each team and create the ultimate fantasy team, one that you will no doubt disagree with.

Kicking us off in our inaugural edition we have the NFC North which is made up of Green Bay Packers, Detroit Lions, Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings.

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QB – Matthew Stafford

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Yes you read that right, yes we have gone Matthew Stafford over Aaron Rodgers.

The Lions were nothing short of abysmal last year but that was only enhanced by the injury to their number nine.

Pre-injury, Stafford was boasting a QB rating of 106.0 and was on course for an insane 38 touchdowns and 5000 yards.

Now, we’re not saying those numbers are guaranteed in 2020 but if he stays healthy, he could be a solid choice at the position and deserves to be the NFC North’s quarterback.

RB1 – Dalvin Cook

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Dalvin Cook was arguably the best running back in the NFL in 2019 behind Christian McCaffrey, making this a bit of a non-contest.

The third year back had an insane year that saw him boast 1,135 yards, 519 receiving yards and 13 touchdowns. Scarily, those stats would have only been more had he not got banged up towards the back end of the season.

He isn’t just the NFC North’s RB1 but will be plenty of other’s RB1 around the world come September.

RB2 – Aaron Jones

If you somehow magically ended up with this running back pairing, the rest of your league might as well give up.

Aaron Jones, like Cook, had an insane break-out year that he will only want to build on going into 2020.

Jones had 16 rushing touchdowns and proved he was able in the air too, catching 49 passes from Rodgers over the course of the year.

As touched on in our ‘Seven Players You Need to Draft‘ piece, the 25-year-old could be forced to run the ball even more under this Packers’ offense and that will only add huge value to him as a fantasy pick.

WR1 – Adam Thielen

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A consistently good football player and one that is guaranteed to get you points every year.

Thielen is arguably the best wide-receiver in the NFC North and would have no doubt put up another 1,000+ yard season had it not been for his early week seven injury.

With the Vikings other main target, Stefon Diggs, moving on to the Buffalo Bills, Thielen will now become Kirk Cousins’ priority target, making him an even more valuable fantasy asset than before.

WR2 – Kenny Golladay

A huge sleeper going into 2020, one that even we were sleeping on until our recent Punter of the Week informed us that no wide-receiver in the NFL caught more touchdowns last season than this man.

To boast that record with such a poor team and a Stafford-less quarterback targeting him for the majority of the campaign is mightily impressive.

Finishing the year with 1,190 yards and 11 touchdowns, Golladay could and should be looking to improve that feat further in 2020.

TE – Kyle Rudolph

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The NFC North doesn’t boast the most exciting tight-end group in comparison to some and with that said there can only really be one winner.

Kyle Rudolph is an extremely solid player that should guarantee you a handful of touchdowns a season at the very least.

Rudolph was the only tight-end with 30+ targets that resulted in zero drops in 2019 making him not only a safe pair of hands but a pretty safe option for a spot in your side.

As with Thielen, the veteran Vikings man could well see more of the ball through the absence of Diggs and so is more than worthy of a spot as our ultimate team TE.

FLEX – Davante Adams

Davante Adams is flex and for the purpose of this piece it made absolutely no difference whether he was WR1, WR2 or Flex so hold your horses, Packers fans!

Adams had a low year in terms of touchdowns in the famous yellow and green but don’t expect that to continue in 2020.

The 27-year-old is an excellent talent that is often (and rightly) thrown around in the same bracket as the real elite receivers in the league.

Many are predicting a big season from the former second round pick and as they say, form is temporary but class is permanent. A deserved place in the NFC North VIII.

D/ST – Chicago Bears

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Well, we couldn’t leave them out of the whole thing.

You’d struggle to find even the most optimistic of Chicago Bears fans that are excited about their offence next year but at least they have a solid defence.

With the likes of Khalil Mack and Akiem Hicks, there is always the ability for a big play on that side of the ball.

Add to that the fact that they have the likes of the explosive Tarik Cohen as a punt returner and you have a special team that could always punish you with a touchdown.

Despite the talent, they certainly weren’t the best D/ST in the NFC North last season but we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

Kicker – Dan Bailey

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Well this certainly wasn’t going to be a position belonging to Chicago. Sorry, Bears fans.

If you want a reliable kicker that is going to be ‘good’ a lot more than not, Dan Bailey is your guy.

Currently sixth for accuracy in the entire NFL, Bailey hit 27 of 29 field-goal attempts in 2019 and 40 of 44 extra points.

A talented offence in Minnesota means a lot of touchdowns and a lot of touchdowns means a lot of extra points. A solid kicker for anyone’s fantasy needs and deserved of his place as the NFC North’s man.