Ultimate Fantasy Team: NFC South

Ultimate Fantasy Team: NFC South

Remember Ultimate Fantasy Team? No? Me neither considering it has been that long but it’s back now and what a division to welcome it back with.

If it wasn’t already considered so, the NFC South has taken a huge step towards being known as the best division in football during the 2020 off-season.

The additions of Todd Gurley, Emmanuel Sanders and that quarterback from New England whose name escapes me are among just some of the big dogs that have made the move south.

With that said, it’s time for UKPigskin to somehow compile an ultimate fantasy team from this.

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QB – Drew Brees

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In case you had forgot, the NFC South now consists of Drew Brees, Tom Brady and Matt Ryan. Wowzers.

What they all lack in non-existent rushing ability, they do make up for in their incredible throwing talent leaving this spot up to more personal preference than anything else.

Despite having Alvin Kamara at running-back, the New Orleans Saints are very much a pass heavy team and with the added weapon of Emmanuel Sanders to partner Michael Thomas – Brees could have a field day in the quarterback department.

RB1 – Christian McCaffrey

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“Eatin in a world where I’m considered bait…”

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Does this pick even need explaining?

The number one pick in draft picks all over the world and quite frankly if he somehow wasn’t then you are either very brave or very stupid – probably the latter.

Scoring nearly 100 points more than any other running back in the NFL in 2019, McCaffrey will be back with a similar work load in 2020 and doing inhumane things to defences week in and week out once more.

RB2 – Alvin Kamara

Alvin Kamara is one of the more intriguing picks within the NFL due to the aforementioned pass-heavy offence that is on show in New Orleans.

He is undoubtedly one of the better running-backs within the football league and if he was allowed the touches, would be right up there in discussion as the best.

His explosiveness can only really be compared to that of the man sat in our RB1 spot and that is a huge credit in itself.

The 24-year-old may well be given a shorter leash as Brees reaches the end of his career and if so, defences beware.

WR1 – Michael Thomas

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He calls himself @CantGuardMike on Twitter and to be fair to him, he backs it up.

Apart from throwing the odd social media hissy fit about some player having more receptions than him during a quarter 14 years ago now and again, Michael Thomas really is the real deal.

The 27-year-old is season after season the wide-receiver to draft and nothing about the coming one should make anyone feel any different.

Having Emmanuel Sanders joining him in New Orleans should allow him extra space on the field and that could result in us seeing Thomas throw up some devastating scores in fantasy football 2020.

WR2 – Julio Jones

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Nine years in the NFL. Only twice has he failed to score over 250 fantasy points. 2013, where he played five games through injury and his rookie year in 2011 where he still surpassed 200 in 13 starts.

Simply, ludicrous.

Was it tough leaving out the ability of Mike Evans and Chris Godwin? Absolutely. But sometimes, you just have to appreciate the greatness that is in front of you.

TE – Hayden Hurst

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Gamble? Possibly. But unless you’re wanting to play the safe game and go Jared Cook, pretty much every tight end within the division is a gamble.

The 2018 first rounder heads to Atlanta where he will be the number one guy for the first time following his ongoing battle with Mark Andrews in Baltimore.

With only one dropped pass across his first two seasons within the NFL, Hurst has shown exactly why the Ravens were so high on him 24-months-ago.

He’ll be keen to show the Ravens what they are missing and that added chip on his shoulder will only work in favour of fantasy lovers.

FLEX – Todd Gurley

Toughest decision of the whole line-up comes at flex and I have tears running down my Rams’ supporting face as I write this.

Chris Godwin and Mike Evans somehow don’t make it into the team but Todd Gurley does.

Gurley is on a one year contract, if he’s to get that extended, he needs to go big in 2020 and is anyone really doubting that he will?

Even with his injury troubles and one of the worst run blocks in the NFL in front of him, he still raked up 189 fantasy points in 2019.

The 25-year-old has been a touchdown monster ever since he stepped foot in the league and if reports are correct that his knee is back at 100% then Atlanta and fantasy owners everywhere have a point scoring machine at their disposal in 2020.

D/ST – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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Are the Buccaneers only here because I feel bad that they haven’t made the team if aren’t? Partly. But also partly for good reason, too.

Bruce Arians’ men finished in the top 10 for defensive/special teams points scored in 2019 and that’s despite them being on the field every other snap due to Jameis Winsterception.

The Bucs shouldn’t be seeing half as many turnovers under the leadership of Tom Brady.

Add the smart pick-up of Antoine Winfield Jr in the second round of the draft to a defence that already flexes plenty of stars and there are going to be plenty of worse options to pick-up here.

Kicker – Younghoe Koo

“Oh my, turkey leg!”

Back-to-back onside kick recoveries in the same game. Okay, you may not get extra points for this (which really annoys me) but it’s worthy of a selection in my eyes.

He also averaged more points per game than any other kicker in the NFL, so yeah, go get Koo.